Monday, February 18, 2013

Beer and Bacon

I attended a "Beer and Bacon tasting" last night! I bought it through Livingsocial as a birthday gift for my boyfriend. He's a little snobbish about his beer, but rightly so since he's been videoblogging on craft beers for a couple years now. So I was a little worried about whether it would be trivial for him (and I'm no spring chicken either on the topic of beer). 

When we pulled up we weren't even sure we were in the right place. It was held at a Knights of Columbus meeting hall since it was put on by a catering company that didn't have a facility big enough. We were seated at long tables facing the front of the room classroom-style, and each course was introduced along with a beer. They had an affiliation with Flying Dog, so 5 out of 8 beers were from their brewery. The food was good, but the portions were a little on the small side. Needless to say we went to Chipotle afterwards :) It was definitely worth the Livingsocial price, but I would have been disappointed had I paid $150 for our admission. 

Anyways, now I have to try to make caramelized bacon popcorn. YUM.

Recipe/pictures to follow. My favorite beer of the night was SnakeDog, and IPA by Flying Dog. 

picture courtesy of
This beer has a delicious hoppiness to it, a really nice IPA. If you don't think you like IPA's maybe you should try eating them with a meal that has a little fattiness to it. It really complimented the dish with which they served it: a sage pork sausage with bacon milk-sauce and wine-reduced brussel sprouts. 

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