Crafting Projects

I am an avid knitter.

Or at least I was. When I was in my undergrad I would knit while listening to recorded lectures. It wasn't necessarily the most beneficial or effective studying tool, but I just wanted to knit. Especially in the Fall I would have a harder time with my grades because I was racing to finish Christmas projects. So shoot me. 

Right now I'm finishing my umpteenth pair of "Dashing" fingerless mittens. This is a great pattern that I have awesome results with even when I tamper with the needle size and yarn gauge. I'd done the body of the first and about a quarter done the second. I'll post some pictures tonight! 

My next knitting task is a baby blanket for little Charlotte, my first niece who's due in town in June. I haven't found a great pattern yet, so if you have any suggestions let me know! I'd love to do something with a little pattern. Maybe baby pink and white chevron. By the way, have I mentioned I'm obsessed with chevron? Who isn't, though.


I found a pattern! The Purl Bee has a beautiful pattern for a chevron baby blanket. It uses a supersoft merino wool, so it'll be durable and gentle on baby's little tooshie. Can't wait! I think i'll use a white, super light pink and light grey. 

So excite.

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