Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another Low-Impact Tabata Workout

My plantar fasciitis (knock on wood) has been very calm recently, but I thought I'd do another low-impact workout in the hopes that it helps inspire someone whose having issues with jumping to sweat it out anyways! I know it's frustrating when you're mentally motivated to work out, but your body won't cooperate-- especially when your feet or knees are the problem. Well don't let it deter you, because you can still be healthy and make progress without running, jumping, or heavy-lifting. 

Here's a workout that will (hopefully) be gentle enough on your lower joints so that you can complete the full 21 minute workout, feel accomplished, and not exacerbate your injuries.  

Side note: If you are having plantar fascitiis issues, you might want to replace the calf raises with something else upper body, maybe bicep curls or delt raises.

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